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The Mogollon Rim sets the scene for residents of Pine and Strawberry. These small Arizona communities are growing quickly as people seek relief from the heat in Phoenix or look for a beautiful place to retire. If you are thinking about moving to this area, a home inspection in Pine or Strawberry is a critical step in making wise property decisions.

Avoid the Unexpected in Pine and Strawberry Homes

People move to the Mogollon Rim area to enjoy a simpler pace. The towns of Pine and Strawberry have been an attractive retreat for many decades. Beautiful forests, a dramatic landscape, and cooler temperatures make the area ideal for summer homes or a quiet retirement.

However, having some distance from metropolitan centers can make it challenging to deal with unexpected home repairs. For this reason, it is critical to have a comprehensive home inspection in Pine and Strawberry before you close on a new property. Having this knowledge will help you negotiate the price and make other important decisions.

Wide-Ranging Inspection Services

Jeff Hunter offers the home inspection services you need to fully evaluate a Pine or Strawberry property. Many houses in the area have been standing for several decades, and a thorough inspection will discover any problems that have developed over that time. Some of the common issues Jeff looks for include:

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An Experienced Home Inspector for Pine and Strawberry

Don’t let unforeseen problems ruin your home-buying process. Even if a property looks like your dream home, underlying imperfections could add thousands to your costs. A complete inspection from Jeff Hunter will give you the information you need. Schedule a home inspection today.

Questions About Home Inspections?

Getting detailed information about your potential new home will save you some headaches later on. Here are some frequent questions we receive about the inspection process.

Homes in this region are subject to challenging weather conditions like the late summer monsoon season and freezing winter temperatures that can affect roof tiles and concrete foundations. Since people have lived in Strawberry and Pine for several decades, some homes will show signs of age or have out-of-date plumbing or electrical systems.

You will receive a report listing anything the inspector found. If there are only minor issues, you may choose to continue the closing process as is. Depending on the severity of the problems, you might have the seller make repairs, renegotiate the selling price, or walk away from the deal.

Most home inspections take 2-4 hours and involve a through examination of the property. However, some of the larger properties in the Strawberry and Pine region will require extra time.

You can contact Jeff Hunter by phone at 602-481-5918 or fill out the online scheduling form. Once you reach out, we will contact you with a firm appointment time.

The beautiful pine forests of the region create natural shade, but any trees can cause problems as they age. You may want a professional forester to assess property before you close. Insurance companies often require a well inspection for properties using private well water.

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Hunter Home Inspections provides comprehensive inspection services to the Pine and Strawberry area. Wherever you are in the real estate process, Jeff Hunter is happy to help.

Home Inspections

Engaging a certified home inspector is a crucial step for both buyers and sellers. Understanding the true current state of a property is essential for making well-informed, intentional decisions.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Familiarize yourself with your future home before finalizing the deal. Conducting a home inspection prior to purchase can prevent you from investing in a property that may require extensive and costly repairs.

1-Year Warranty Inspections

Once a contractor warranty expires, the homeowner must handle any repairs. An inspection before the 1-year milestone allows you to address any issues while the builder is still responsible.

Pre-Drywall Inspections

A pre-drywall inspection involves a certified inspector examining the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems before the walls are sealed. Rectifying issues at this stage can save significant time and resources.