Protect Your Investment with a 1-Year Warranty Home Inspection

A New Construction Inspection Gives You Peace of Mind

You don’t expect problems with a newly constructed home as it doesn’t seem old enough to have any issues. However, as the building begins to settle in the first year, imperfections in the construction process may start to show. Most construction companies guarantee their work for an initial period. An 11-month warranty inspection from Hunter Home Inspections can ensure that you catch problems while the contractor is still responsible for fixing them.

Is your home warranty about to expire? Take the first step today to set up a builder warranty inspection.

Don’t Let Your Home Warranty Expire without an 11-Month Inspection

After a year of living in your home, you are probably still finishing your to-do list for the property. You may feel like you don’t have time or money to schedule an 11-month inspection. After all, the structure is only a year old. How many problems could there be?

Issues with your new home may not be obvious right now. At Hunter Home Inspections, we specialize in looking for the small signs of trouble that point to major issues down the line. When you schedule a new construction home inspection, Jeff Hunter will come to your location and check every part of the structure for defects. By catching problems while the construction is still under warranty, you will hold contractors accountable for their work.

Jeff Hunter performing a 1-year warranty home inspection

Do I Really Need an 11-Month Warranty Inspection?

Some common issues that show up in a 1-year warranty home inspection include:

A 1-year warranty home inspection spots these issues and others before they can get worse. Is it almost a year since you moved in? Reach out to us to schedule your new construction final inspection.

Why Choose Hunter Home Inspections for Your 11-Month Warranty Inspection?

Hiring a home inspector for new construction is a smart way to maintain the integrity of your house. For the best results, you need a professional who understands the details of residential construction. With his training and experience, Jeff Hunter can provide the information you need. There are several reasons you can rely on Hunter Home Inspections.

Practical Experience

Jeff Hunter spent over thirty years as a contractor handling both residential and commercial construction projects. He is well-suited to assess the condition of your property. Jeff can recognize a job that has been done right as well as the signs of inferior workmanship.

Attention to Detail

Jeff brings a critical eye to every new home inspection. He will check your home from top to bottom looking for the smallest sign of a problem. Then, he will carefully document his findings so that you can receive the repairs you need.

Professional Certification

Jeff graduated from Inspection Training of Arizona and has completed all necessary exams to be a licensed home inspector. He understands the need to provide an unbiased report of his results.

Client-Centered Focus

Hunter Home Inspections knows the importance of maintaining good client relations. Jeff always conducts himself professionally and respectfully. He is happy to answer your questions and make certain that you understand the final report.

Time is running out for your 11-month home warranty inspection. Contact Hunter Home Inspections to set up an appointment.

Certified home inspector Jeff Hunter on his motorcycle

Jeff Hunter

Certified Home Inspector

Jeff Hunter’s father was a contractor who taught him the importance of hard work and attention to detail. After thirty years in construction, Jeff now applies the same dedication and care to his work as a professional home inspector.

This attitude makes Jeff the perfect choice to be your certified home inspector. He has the necessary skills and training to assess the condition of any home. He offers a wide variety of inspection services including

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A 1-Year Warranty Home Inspection Prevents Problems in the Future

Home repairs can be painfully expensive. By assessing the condition of your home while it is still under warranty, you will save yourself time and money later on. A new construction home inspection lets you take full advantage of what is entitled to you through your home warranty. If you are ready to take this critical step, contact Hunter Home Inspections to set up an appointment.

Have Questions? We’ve Got the Answers!

Below Are Some Common Questions For New Build Inspections

There are several stages along the real estate journey. At each step, more responsibility for repairs transfers to you as the homebuyer. Since homes are sold “as is” in Arizona, a defect discovered after closing becomes your problem to repair. A home inspection before closing or before the end of a builder warranty allows you to address problems while they are still the responsibility of the construction company.

A builder warranty covers most of the materials and workmanship that goes into building a home. The covered areas typically include:

  • Drywall and paint
  • Stucco or siding
  • Windows, doors, and trim
  • HVAC equipment
  • Electrical components
  • Plumbing system

Home inspectors examine every area in and around the building. They will look for damage or signs of improper installation. The inspection includes an outdoor examination to check for grading and drainage issues. Jeff uses a drone to fully assess the roof and gutters.

The size of the home is the primary factor in determining your inspection costs. Larger homes take more time and effort to examine. Additional services like inspecting a pool or spa will also increase the price. Please see our pricing table here for more information.

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