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No matter your home-buying scenario, Hunter Home Inspections has you covered. Jeff Hunter will provide a thorough examination of the property to give you critical knowledge and peace of mind. A professional inspector helps you get to know the house before you make it your home. Learn more about our home inspection services below.

Our Professional Home Inspection Services

The journey to a new home can take several paths. Whether you are purchasing an existing home or building something new, Hunter Home Inspection will ensure that the property is ready for you.

Home Inspections

A professional home inspection gives you a full understanding of the condition of a home. Both buyers and sellers can benefit from this deep knowledge. During a typical inspection, the inspector will examine features and structural elements like the roof, walls, windows, and doors. They will also examine critical systems such as wiring, plumbing, and HVAC. The final step is a complete report with photos and clear explanations of any findings.

Pre-Drywall Inspections

Before the interior walls go up in a new construction project, there is an opportunity to easily access and examine the property. A professional home inspector will look for any problems in the overall construction, wiring, and plumbing. If there are defects, the construction company can address them before you move in. Once the contractor installs the drywall, it will be much more difficult to view these systems.

1-Year Warranty Inspections

Construction companies typically guarantee their work for the first year after you move in. This period is your opportunity to hold them accountable for addressing any flaws. A professional home inspection before the warranty expires is a chance for an expert to find small signs of defects. If you do not discover these problems until years down the road, the repair costs will be your responsibility.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Homeowners often overlook issues they have worked around for years. Jeff Hunter brings fresh eyes and broad knowledge of construction to the building. Using both a home walkthrough and drone property inspection technology, he will make certain that the home buyer understands the true condition of the structure. A professional home inspection arms you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

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