Pre-Drywall Inspections for Safety and Accountability

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Before the interior drywall goes up in a residential construction project, there is an opportunity the assess the framework and see important hardware like wiring and plumbing. An expert pre-drywall home inspection can catch mistakes while the builders are still on site. Correcting problems at this stage will save time, money, and frustration later on.

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A framed home that needed multiple pre-drywall inspections to fix all of the issues.

The Benefits of Pre-Drywall Inspections

Unless you are undergoing a major repair or renovation, it is unusual to see the skeleton of your home. Accessing the frame, wiring, or pipes behind the sheetrock requires expensive labor. A pre-drywall walk-through by a certified home inspector is an important step before the construction crew hangs the sheetrock. Some of the benefits of this examination include:

Why Hunter Home Inspections is the Smart Choice

To keep the project on schedule, there is only a short window for a pre-drywall inspection. It is critical to have the trained eye of a professional for the examination. Jeff Hunter has extensive knowledge of residential construction. He knows the best industry practices and can quickly identify any issues. There are several reasons to pick Hunter Home Inspections.

Attention to Detail

Jeff has a natural gift for seeing small details. His work in the carpentry industry has taught him how a small imperfection becomes a large problem later on.

Excellent Customer Service

Jeff knows that his clients must come first. When he presents his findings, you will receive a clear report. He is happy to explain any problems and answer your questions honestly.

Extensive Training

Jeff has completed the home inspection curriculum at Inspection Training of Arizona. He has also undergone a challenging certification process that allows him to be a professional inspector.

Decades of Construction Experience

Jeff spent over three decades working in the carpentry and construction industries. As someone who has built and remodeled houses, he understands the construction process and the lifecycle of Arizona homes.

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Certified home inspector Jeff Hunter on his motorcycle

Jeff Hunter

Jeff Hunter is an experienced construction expert with over thirty years in the field. This background makes him the ideal candidate for pre-drywall inspections.

As a young man, Jeff learned the importance of noticing small details to deliver outstanding results. He brings this same level of attention to every home he inspects.

Jeff completed his education at Inspection Training of Arizona and is certified by the state of Arizona for:

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A Pre-Drywall Walkthrough for Your Peace of Mind

Letting an expert examine your new home will give you confidence knowing that the structure is safe and secure. Jeff Hunter can identify the minor issues that have the potential to cause major problems. Call Hunter Home Inspections to schedule your appointment.

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Below Are Some Common Questions about Pre-Drywall Inspections

Having an expert survey your new home while the frame is exposed is an invaluable opportunity. You will rarely have this level of access.

The timing of the inspection is also critical. The construction crew is already on-site to address any problems. If these issues come to light years after the construction, they will be your responsibility to fix.

A licensed inspector walks through the entire structure to assess its condition. Jeff Hunter also uses drone technology to view the house from above. Some of the areas that receive careful attention during the process include:

  • Electrical wiring
  • HVAC ducts and vents
  • Plumbing fixtures and pipes
  • Windows and doors

One of the main concerns for many new construction projects is following up on customized choices. If you wanted specific placement of electrical outlets for a home office, the pre-drywall inspection is the time to assess whether the contractor followed the instructions. It will be much more difficult to remedy this issue once the walls are in place.

The primary factor in any home inspection is the size of the building. A larger home has more features to examine, so it will take more time and effort. Please see our pricing table here for more information.

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