Tips For Maintaining Your Home Electricity

home inspector checking the hvac filter

One of my main tasks as a certified home inspector is examining the electrical systems and wiring of a house. Maintaining your electricity is about both safety and convenience. At the same time, working with electricity is scary and confusing to many of us, and most homeowners don’t want anything to do with electrical work. In this article, I want to provide you with some tips for ways to safely maintain your home electricity and help you understand what goes on inside the walls of your house.

It’s All About Frequency

Climate control is one of the main advantages of having power in our homes these days. To maximize the efficiency of your A/C unit, always remember to replace your filters once a month.

Making the change whenever you pay your monthly power bill is a helpful way to make sure it gets done. This practice will allow your A/C to run at maximum efficiency.

When in Shock, Don’t Blow a Fuse

gfci outlet

During every home inspection, I check to see if there are GFCI outlets in the right places. These devices will interrupt the power supply in case there is a short. Any outlet on the exterior of your home or in your kitchen or bath should have this protection.

If your home does not have these outlets, do not panic, as it is a relatively inexpensive repair.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse.

home inspector checking the electrical panel

Know where your home’s electrical panel is and keep it locked. Breakers can trip in your home for various reasons, and all you have to do is reset the breaker. If you do not know where your home’s electrical panel is, consult an electrician, handyman, or general contractor for help in locating it.

Keep it locked to protect yourself from strangers turning off your power as a prank. It does happen and can be very scary.

Think Safety From the Ground Up.

fire detector

Finally, it is also very important to have smoke detectors in your home. Current building codes in Arizona require that every bedroom in your home must have a smoke detector plus additional detectors throughout your house. These are required to be hard-wired; hooked up directly to your home’s power supply.

Smoke detectors save thousands of lives every year, and no home should be without them. If you do not have smoke detectors and cannot afford to buy them, contact your local fire department. Many of them have programs through which you can obtain them at no cost to you.

Maintaining your electrical system now keeps you and your loved ones safe. It can also provide future benefits by reducing your repair costs when it is time to sell your home. If you are uncertain about the condition of your wiring or electrical systems, Hunter Home Inspections can help assess the situation. Contact us today to schedule a home inspection!


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